Our Cat Is Missing

01st May 2014

Have you seen this cat?

Tank - our fluffy, affectionate, greedy and freakishly clever little black cat has been gone these past three nights, and we're starting to get worried.

He went off at the start of the week, into the warm weather that made us open the windows at night for the first time this year. He's been away for a few nights before, often at this time of year when the fields are full of baby bunnies.

Yesterday we began looking for him, on foot and driving around Pateley Bridge, windows open, all of us (including our two-year-old) calling his name. The only consolation was that it was still warm and dry. Most likely he was holed up somewhere, sleeping off a huge meal.

But then last night the rains came. Our other cat, Spartacus, came flying inside. We waited, hoping to hear the cat flap bang and hear Tank's usual noisy meows. He didn't show. Awen refused to have her bath and sat on the landing, calling for him.

This morning I've been out in the mist and drizzle, calling in the woods and fields around the house. Nelly, blessed with one of the best noses in the dog kingdom, came too, but didn't understand what was required of her. Spartacus was better. He ran along the walls, mewing.

There is still no sight or sound of Tank. In the past, he's headed down the hill towards Pateley Bridge, so we guess he may be somewhere in the village. He has a habit of slipping his collar. The collar he is wearing has Spartacus's tag on it and two phone numbers. The landline number won't work - our line is defunct. But the mobile number works. If you do see him, please call me. Thank you.


Photo comment By Kit: Found him!!! After a tip off from a family doing up a house down the lane, we discovered our missing moggie hiding out and rather slimmer than when we last saw him. Thank heavens for a happy ending.

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