On The Change

03rd February 2015

There's a fierce moon tonight. A day off full, bearing down on the dale, casting a rainbow halo on the clouds moving across it. Our animals are restless; the dog wanting to be out into the freezing cold. Our daughter stirs, wakes and settles, stirs again.

When we lived by the sea in Greece, everything changed at the time of the full moon. Whether the coming of the hot month of May, September’s rains, or winter’s storms. The moon cast its spell and thereafter the island was different.

NiddFest is taking shape. The line-up is pretty much there. Talks, outside events, music and happenings over a weekend in July. Speakers include Carol Ann Duffy, Mark Cocker, Evie Wyld, Melissa Harrison, Piers Torday, Valentine Warner, Dave Goulson and others whose work is all influenced by the natural world.

Over the weekend, when I was adding my tuppence ha’penny to a grant form (one of many!), I was trying to get across the unique nature of NiddFest, both now and in the future. In truth, I have no idea what this festival celebrating nature in writing will become in a few years time.

Just like writing a book, or designing a garden, there is a point where all the plotting and drawing fades away and the thing suddenly breathes. It’s starting to happen with NiddFest. The festival is taking on its own identity, with its own set of principles and idiosyncrasies.

The moon's beams are coming through a skylight. I build up the stove. Everything is very quiet, very idyllic, and on the change.

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