Butterflies and Moths

Here are some of the butterflies and moths present around Sparrowhawk Farm, with thanks to Mike Barnham's excellent 'Butterflies of Nidderdale'. I've not included rare migrant visitors, such as the Camberwell Beauty and Clouded Yellow butterflies, which are recorded around Pateley Bridge every few years. I will be increasing/revising the entries over the coming months, based on observation, and writing personalised information. In the warmer weather, I will get on to the moths, when Megan and I will go out at night with a DIY moth trap.

Small Skipper Butterfly Large Skipper Butterfly Brimstone Butterfly
Large White Butterfly Purple Hairstreak Butterfly Green-Veined White Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly Orange Tip Butterfly Green Hairstreak Butterfly
Small White Butterfly White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly Small Copper Butterfly
Common Blue Butterfly Holly Blue Butterfly Red Admiral Butterfly
Painted Lady Butterfly Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly Comma Butterfly
Wall Butterfly Gatekeeper Butterfly Meadow Brown Butterfly
Small Heath Butterfly Ringlet Butterfly Speckled Wood Butterfly